About me

28 years old, born and raised in Sweden, Gibbe currently resides in the capital of Stockholm. His passion for photography and videography began in the early days of Instagram, which quickly emerged as a full-time passion that would shape the following years of his life. His inspiration to capture fashion content quickly escalated into an unignorable, burning desire to make this a career, resulting in the resignation of his 9-5 job in lieu of a sudden move to Marbella.

Gibbe took a gamble to follow his dream and now works full-time doing what he loves. He’s spent the last 4 years as a content creator, specialising in cinematic vlogging and travel photography whilst canvassing some exceptional locations, bringing each and every one of them to life on the screen. 

The art of his work transcends technology, immersing the audience in an exciting adventure every time as if they’re really there with him. Gibbe is most proud of his continued evolution as a creative through each and every experience, all of which have laid the foundations of an impressive, engaged social network of considerable size. He will be the key to capturing those elusive mantle-piece moments that you wish could last forever, ensuring that they really can thank his expertise.